‘’AKTOMECH’’ Nikolaos Z. Paranichianakis is a company which delivers integrated and automated systems and services to marine organizations’ and infrastructures since 1974. This is located at the address Sfaktirias 38th Str, Piraeus , P.O: 18545, Greece.

The company accommodates our main offices, in order to facilitate the needs and specifications for each client.Our expertise is on electrical installation, automated monitoring systems, motor and generator maintenance, testing of air circuit breakers.

Additionally, Aktomech is a member of W.I.M.A. This is a non-profit organization, who aimed to give within the frame of collectiveness and cooperation, specific shape and action to his long-term experience in the Marine and Business world both in Greece and abroad.

At last, since 2013, our company obtained quality certification according to the system EN ISO 9001:2015 in the above areas of our skills. Therefore, Aktomech team is highly qualified with technical background and knowledge, having commitment to excellence, through customer satisfaction.